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The Executive Transport Company provides the highest quality in land transportation for individuals whose lifestyles and choices demand excellence. The image we project promises to reflect your high and exacting standards.

We offer more than just a means of transportation and make a compelling proposition to the discerning client. Whether it is business or pleasure, our experienced, well-mannered and security-trained chauffeurs will get you to your destination quickly, safely, comfortably and stylishly.

Our standard equipment is an ultra-luxury vehicle which delivers status without compromise. Aided by our traffic monitoring centre, our chauffeurs plan routes in advance to minimize delays and disruptions to the extent possible. All our chauffeurs have experience driving CEOs and senior corporate management and as such, they understand and respect privacy and confidentiality.

We operate a premium service that offers chauffeur-driven vehicles to private individuals and senior executives, their important business contacts and potential clients. Ours is not the cheapest possible option as we believe that our clients deserve the very best. If you consider first-class travel to be one of life’s essentials, then our services will complement your good taste.

“Having been let down by cars hired at the airport on arrival, I used to fret over transportation each time I had to visit Lagos. That was before I used ETC" ...Cliff, London

"Using your services for the first time was a good experience. The second time was even better! I look forward to the next time" ... Lloyd, New York

“As a frequent traveler in and out of Lagos, I have ETC on speed dial. You’ve become a key and reliable part of my machinery. Gates and doors open." ...Leonard, Enugu

“Worth every cent! I was considering buying a car just to solve transport problems for my few weeks in Lagos each year. Thanks to you, that is no longer necessary" ... Nneka, Kenya

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